Propagandacast 010 with DUSTY

It’s been long since we last posted our podcast. Weprefer to chase quality instead of quantity. That’s why in our 10th anniversary propagandacast you will hear live set from the boss of Munich-based label Jazz&Milk – the unbeaten Dusty. Christoph (that’s his real name) recently participated in Stare Selo Festival (near Lviv, Ukraine). Here we present the recording from this gig. And now a word about our guest and his label.

Label Jazz&Milk, established by Christoph few years ago, is now in the avantgarde of dancefloor oriented jazz. Successful EPs, compilations and album from the boss quickly made J&M famous all over the world. Music from the label is being played by such stars, as Mr. Scruff, Nickodemus, Zero dB, Diesler, TM Juke, Gilles Peterson, etc. But it would be much more informative, if you visit label’s myspace and listen to their music. We are sure that you will find a lot of excellent stuff there.

Christoph himself treats his brainchild with reverence and has individual approach to each release. Dusty is also known as “vinyl junkie”. He took two huge bags with vinyl records to Lviv, one of which Lufthansa managed to loose. Fortunately, after two days of bustle around the airport we managed to return it. The contents of the cases with musical magic has resulted in a record that you are going to listen right now. Music in the mix, as well as today’s weather - hot and sunny. Welcome to Dusty’s musical world.

P.S.: Unfortunately, no tracklist this time. Christophe is busy right now, but he assured us that you will hear a lot of exclusive and officially unreleased stuff.

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Propaganda Podcast 009 with Marik

После продолжительного затишья мы возбновляем трансляцию наших подкастов. Первым на очереди идет микс любезно скомпилированный и смиксованный штатным пропагандовским резидентом - DJ Marik. Не будем углубляться в стилистические рамки - отметим лишь, что хорошая музыка срока годности не имеет. А в данной ситуации мы имеем дело именно с таковой. Мы ведь искренне надеемся, что вы все же доверяете нашему вкусу.
Помимо возбновления таких вот интернет-трансляций веселья, спешим поделиться другими новостями. Скажем так, более материальными. На май мы запланировали привоз отличного польского парня – виртуоза своего дела, пана Ojciec’a Karol'a. Все подробности ближе к дате.
Peace, unity & love. Propaganda Music

Artist.....: VA (Mixed by Marik)
Title......: Funk-A-Delicious (Part Deux)
Lable....: propagandamusic
Year......: 2009
Genre....: Drum'n'Bossa, Funk'n'Bass
Myspace: www.myspace.com/marikua
Quality...: 192 Kbps
Time......: 51:06
Size.......: 70.02 MB

1.Feature Cast Vs Aldo Vanucci - Aldo's Theme (Original Version)
2.Black Market Audio - Get Down
3.The Young Punx - Drum And Bacharach
4.Hexstatic - Nancy's Boots
5.Trevira Modern - Dakkaragada
6.Pepe Le Moko Dj Team - Supa Girls
7.The BPA - Toe Jam (Feat Dizzee Rascal & David Byrne)
8.Skeewiff -Soul Bossanova
9.London Elektricity - All Hell Is Breaking Loose
10.Shantisan -Bring Back The Bossa Rock
11.Sono Rhizmo' - Gimme Gimme
12.Hilltribe vs. Staple Singers - Going Away (Hilltribe Remix)
13.Flow Dynamics - Bossa For Bebo (Jazz Juice Mix)
14.DJ Farrapo & Yanez - Baiano Vem Baiano Vai
15.Pepe Le Moko Dj Team - Tequilimba
16.Kidda - Strong Together

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Propaganda Podcast 008 with Vlad Azarov

Another podcast for us and, by of course, for you was kindly prepared by a man who doesn’t recognize himself as DJ, however, it is not so important. Moreover, the mission of our guests is even nobler. Vlad Azarov is a music editor of Time Out Kiev - he is responsible for ensuring that readers are well oriented in the turbulent music cycle and are not spreading themselves at different slag (what in recent times is even more than enough).
But give the word to the author. We believe he will describe better what awaits us in this release of Propaganda Podcast Series.

"I think it is stupid to make compilations of turbo-new tracks that have appeared on blogs five minutes ago and will be released in three months. First of all there are a lot of people who do this. Secondly - good music no matter how many times you listen to it can not be annoying. In general, no obscurantism and showing off in this podcast, there is no «perfect, stylistically sustained mix», but there are just beautiful songs, without reference to the release year and to this - «Electronics / non- electronics». In short, enjoy."

Vlad Azarov (music editor, Time Out Kiev)

1. Max Romeo “Chase the Devil”
2. Os Mutantes “Disculpe, Babe”
3. Tanita Tikaram “I Don't Wanna Lose At Love”
4. Rolling Stones “Miss You”
5. Chairlift “Evident Utensil”
6. Celestial Choir “Stand on the World” (Larry Levan remix)
7. Arthur H “Adieu Goodbye”
8. Fleetwood Mac “Dreams”
9. Todd Rundgren “We Gotta Get You a Woman”
10. Peter, Bjorn & John “Hey” (Shut the Fuck Up Boy)
11. Benji Hughes “The Mummy”
12. Bertrand Burgalat feat. Robert Wyatt “The Summer Night”
13. Herman Dune “Not on Top”
14. Can “Vitamin C”
15. Simon Bookish “Alsatian Dog”
16. Gonzales “Unrequited Love”
17. Beyond the Wizards Sleeve - Don't Cry Girl
18. Hidden track (First Soviet LSD song)

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ENG: Regardless all those weather and financial crisises, funk keeps warming souls and bring joy to body.
First winter podcast for us (and of course for you) was kindly recorded by Dj Shmelja from mighty Kyiv the Capital City. Viktor (that is the real name of today's hero) is promoting funky vibes for many years and we must admit that he reached huge success in it. He is one of those djs, who live with music and truly believe in its healing power. Besides excellent taste and master degree in mixing, he also has good skills in scratching (by the way, this video, which has spread all over whole Russian and Ukrainian Internet in very short time, is nothing more than fruit of Viktor's and his colleague's good humor)
But lets get back to the point. Please meet Dj Shmelja with good portion of funky dance music!

1. Caladag 13 - Get On Down
2. Aldo Vanucci & Featurecast - Blue Grassed Devil
3. Parker vs P Zilla - Rock Dat
4. Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop - Wah-Wah-Wah
5. Ruckus Roboticus - Here We Go
6. Nick Fonkynson - So Damn Fresh
7. Caladag 13 - Fonky Feeling
8. Torpedotrickser - Big Freak
9. A-Skillz - Eat My Shorts
10. Featurecast - Disco Diesel
11. Nick Fonkynson - Rock Da Spot
12. Aldo Vanucci & Featurecast - DC 303
13. Groove Invaders - Breakerz Return
14. Manmade - We Got To Party
15. Schoenrock - Sacode a Poeira (Instrumental)
16. Groove Invaders - Rock Steady

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Propaganda Podcast 006 With Kormac

Few weeks ago we had very important experience for us (we hope it was important for you too) - we started our promo-agency DTM Promo (DMT stands for Different Tastes of Music).
Within the scope of our first event we decided to invite young, but yet highly acclaimed DJ and producer from Ireland – Kormac.
As it turned out, the fellow was even cooler than we thought. What was initially planned as a single party evolved into Ukraine mini-tour. Lviv, Kharkiv & Kyiv – the festive atmosphere was everywhere, where this cheerful bully from Dublin was playing.
This podcast invites everyone who could not make it to one of the parties to feel that unique joyful atmosphere and gives those who had the chance to meet Kormac face-to-face an opportunity to recall all that hip-hop-swing-funk-jazz-reggae madness.
So, here you are: the recording of Kormacs set from event @ Picasso club in Lviv (30 October 2008) .
P.S.: We sincerely hope that soon we will bring more interesting musicians and Djs for your personal pleasure! Stay tuned with Propaganda!

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Funkstep Era mixed by Marik

Artist : Marik
Title: Funkstep Era
Genre : Drum And Bass, Liquid Funk
Label : [info]propagandamusic
Quality : 192kbps 44100 kHz Joint Stereo
Time : 54:45 min
Size : 75,2 MB

1.Adele - Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)
2.Muffler - Everything
3.Commix - Be True
4.Sam Sparro - Black & Gold (Highland Hustlers remix)
5.J Majik & Wickaman - Crazy World (Brookes Brothers Remix)
6.Danny Byrd - Weird Science
7.Syncopix - Disc Go!
8.Sub Focus - Airplane
9.Sigma - Masai
10.LAOS - 1990s
11.Brookes Brothers - F Zero
12.F.U.K.T. - Anything You Need
13.Matrix and Futurebound - Coast to Coast (Ft. Louis Smith)



drum&bass | 256 kbps | 31:10 | 57.0MB

1.Underwolves – Prema Redentor
2.Photek - Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu (Two Swords Technique)
3.Blame - Hiro
4.Lynx - Counterpoint
5.Big Bud - White Widow
6.Amit - Village Folk
7.Pashandra Daqura - Bazin Delice
8.Sangomas - Siya Dengelela Kgonyama (Roni Size Mix)


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P.P.S: Thnx 2 all involved!